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This was the Deepstrike Radio website for a number of years where followers and fans could read and listen to the newest episodes of the Games Workshop Game, Warhammer 40,000 (40K). In September 2013 a post on Twitter announced that the "final episode of DSR has just been posted." Sometime after 2013 this site's domain registration was allowed to expire and the site disappeared from the internet. You can still do an online search for podcasts of 40k. There is still a facebook account for Deepstrike Radio 40kuk Podcast, but the posts are few. Recently I discovered that the domain for was available, so I bought it with the goal of recreating some of its content from archived pages and treat the final page as a tribute to the original site. I definitely didn't want someone else purchasing the domain and re-purposing it for something that had nothing in common with the 40kuk Podcast.

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Let's NOW take that trip back to when Deepstrike Radio was live and posting bi monthly comments and news.

– Strike Fast, Play Hard!

About Deepstrike Radio

Deepstrike Radio is a Podcast all about the universe of the Games Workshop Game, Warhammer 40,000 (40K). Deepstrike Radio’s Mission Statement is to ‘bring the lore to life on the tabletop.’ On a bi-monthly basis the three hosts Chris, Chase and Jim will delve into a specific element of the history of 40k – whether it be notable conflicts, armies or even key characters, Deepstrike Radio has you covered for all of your lore needs.

The three hosts all bring something unique and completely different to the podcast. Jim, the hardened veteran can tell you a yarn with many years experience. Chase is arguably the most passionate about the background of the three, and one thing is for sure – he is passionate. If he doesn’t like something he has no problems letting you know! And Chris, the Aussie with the amazing accent always strives to provide a balance between remaining competitive where possible whilst understanding the great stories that lore allows you to play out on the tabletop.

Deepstrike Radio can sometimes contain college style humour and the occasional F-Bomb or two, so we suggest parental guidance for those under 18 and discretion if you’re on the conservative side. We can be downloaded from iTunes or directly via this website.


EPISODE #1 – Deepstrike Radio Arrives

The time has arrived, and so must we.

Episode One of Deepstrike Radio will give you a taste of what is to come. With around 25 years hobby experience between us we are aiming to deliver a Podcast unlike others out there – a podcast that caters for the hobbyist in all of us. In our first segment, we introduce the show’s hosts – Chris, Dave and Chase, and explain a little of our background and the type of gamer we are. We also include a bit of chat about what we have been up to during our week in the hobby. Following this, we step blindly into the Warp and deliver the following segments.

Regular Segment – News in a Flash

Each episode will contain a brief overview of recent news in the hobby. We promise that we won’t spend hours discussing things you can already read on the internet, but here we aim to provide our opinion on recent developments within the hobby, and perhaps a few things you may not otherwise be aware of.

Oh, and we squeeze in a rant or three as well.

Regular Segment – 40k Lore

40K Lore will be a topic each episode we will evaluate a portion of fluff from the vast universe that is Warhammer 40,000. This episode we crack open the Horus Heresy Collected Visions and compare the book with the Black Library Horus Heresy series – and as how they differ, and where you should start if you are new to the hobby or just seeking inspiration for a new project.

Free Plug –

As we are new to the scene and as yet without sponsorship, each episode we will provide a Free Plug to a website or company that we think you should check out. These are not paid sponsorships – any recommendation we make here is based on our previous history in dealing with the related company, or just somewhere we really think you should check out.

Episode One’s Free Plug goes to A great bits website based in the UK, with great service and low prices.

Regular Segment – Main Topic

Each week, we strive to bring you an interesting topic that we have observed in the community, the game itself, or the companies involved. This week, we’re covering Forums – The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly of the Online Community.

Regular Segment – The Hobby Trenches

And to round out our cast, comes the Hobby Trenches – Getting down and dirty with your Hobby. This is the average gamer’s hobby section, where we bring you everything from paint suggestions, to roleplaying games, and 40k related items outside of the game itself.

Thanks to all of the great people who have made this possible, especially Perpetual End, who are responsible for our awesome show music!


EPISODE #2 – The Luna Wolf Special



Quick Note: We are aware of a sound quality issue within the Librarius that affects the podcast from the 25 to 60 minute mark. We apologize for the length of the issue, however we re recorded the entire second half of the show for your enjoyment, so please stick with it, and enjoy the rest of the show. Thanks for Listening.

Thanks for tuning in for Episode Two of Deepstrike Radio. This week, the boys dive deep into the Legion of the mighty Warmaster Horus himself – the Luna Wolves. Join us to Kill for the Living! Kill for the Dead! First up, the boys round out their recent hobby activities, including Chris’s preparation for his first tournament using a Space Marine Bike army.

News in a Flash

This week in News in a Flash, DSR take a look at GW’s new monster carry case. The boys also take a look at some of the new scenic bases to hit the market, and include a rant or two as well.

The Librarius  (40K Lore’s new title)

This week in the Librarius the boys take an in depth look at the favoured Legion of the Luna Wolves, pre heresy style. We examine the fluff behind this inspiring Legion, from the Mournival to the individual characters and their varied personalities.

The boys also discuss the various colour schemes throughout the Heresy, and include a 1750pt list to show how you could put the Luna Wolves on the table if you were so inclined.

The Main Topic – How to select your new army

For Episode Two, the boys decided to dive head first into the difficult topic of selecting a new army. They give consideration to some key points that can shape your decision including fluff vs competitiveness, painting and modelling and above all else, playing what you love.

Free Plug -

The Free Plug for Episode Two goes out to Chapterhouse Studios – a great online store providing a vast range of conversion options for various projects – from Tau Superheavy Walkers to Pre-Heresy Jump Packs to Tyranid Tervigon conversions.

The Hobby Trenches - Building and painting a Pre-Heresy/Heresy Army

Following on from the discussion in the Librarius regarding the Luna Wolves, the boys follow the ‘pre Heresy’ theme through to the Hobby Trenches.  Included in this discussion are possible conversion paths, colour schemes and how they may vary from a current chapter as well as suggesting some places that you may be able to utilise to find existing tutorials or resin bits to make your pre Heresy army ‘pop’ on the tabletop.

In wrapping the show up, the boys announce the show’s very first contest! Up for grabs is a Dark Eldar Codex, with the winner being announced when Episode Three goes to air. But we won’t give it all away, you will have to listen to podcast for that!

Thanks for listening.

Jumping to Episode 27............

Episode 27 – From the Skies Brothers!!

This episode it’s just Chris and Jim, Chase is taking some time off for the holidays. We slam into the show like a drop pod making landfall with our hobby talk.

News In a Flash (00.45)

It’s like steel rain in the news with so many great products being dropped since our last outing! Games workshop gives us some great deals on a couple of Megaforces; and they are offering some great grass tufts to make your bases pop!

Forgeworld never fails to please as they release the armored Proteus and the Graia pattern laser destroyer.

The third party products are cooking with gas. We cover offerings from Maxmini, Puppets war, Kromlech and Secret Weapon Miniatures.

The news is rounded out with the release of the new Necron trays from out new Sponsor KR Multi-case.

Sponsor Alert

DSR is brought to you by, and

The Librarius (25.32)

The boys cover everybody’s favorite video game chapter of Space Marines the Blood Ravens. We discuss everything from their mysterious founding to the major campaigns that they have participated in. So grab your Psychic hood and get empowered by the Librarius!

The Armoury (56.46)

This week we bring the lore to life for the Blood Ravens. Chris brings us a 1500 point all comers foot marine list from Codex Space Marines and Jim brings the Steel Rain at 2000 points using the Blood Angels codex.

The Hobby Trenches (116.05)

Big Jim digs into Killzone, his fan made kill team replacement game that will make its return to Adepticon 2012 for a second year. He talks about the changes made for this second edition of the rules and errata.

The Briefing Room (127.15)

To close out the show Chris shares his experiences being the TO for this years Queensland Masters event. He discusses some armies along with what goes into the event.

Don’t forget to check out our twitter feed and Facebook Page. Thanks for listening, and don’t forget – Strike Fast, Play Hard!

Bonus Content – The Ultimate Primer, Volume 1.

This week, in leiu of a regular episode, we are proud to provide you with the first of our bonus content episodes – The Ultimate Primer, Volume 1.  This marks the start of a regular bonus content section, which will be made publicly available for the first four episodes. After which time, this content will be exclusive to paying members of our Forum, The Custodes. This week, Chase, Jim and our good friend Kamil provide a brief overview of the 40k universe from a lore perspective. A great way to introduce your friends to the 40k Universe, if we may say so ourselves.

The Bonus Content also marks the start of the show going ‘clean’ as it were. From now forward, Deepstrike Radio will no longer feature swearing and (hopefully) no naughty jokes. Whilst it’s a different direction for the show, we really want to provide you with content that you can share with all your friends – regardless of their age. We hope you enjoy!


Episode 28 – Despoiling It For Everyone

This episode Chris and Jim discuss how they have ended 2011 on a 40k hobby high.

News In a Flash ()

It’s total pandemonium in the news with so many great products dropping over the holidays! Games workshop gives us a peek at 2012’s Games Day model, holy retro fever this mini is outstanding!

Forgeworld does it again as they pre-view/release IA 11 the Doom of Mymeara, the Deimos Pattern Predator and Macharius Omega.

The third party products are working overtime with these highlights: Hitech Miniatures release Archfather Lionheart, Kabuki Models release a ‘Celtic knight’ miniature and Back 2 base-ix drop a range of brushes with metal handles that you can unscrew the brush and store it inside handle. There are even more releases from the likes of Scibor, Armorcast and Puppets war.

Sponsor Alert

DSR is brought to you by, and

The Briefing Room (24.23)

We have a little retrospective of the year that was in 40k the good the bad and the ugly, then we hop into our hopes for 40k in 2012.

The Librarius (65.04)

The boys head into deep space for coverage of the Gothic War, with conversations about how much of a monster Abaddon is. He truly lives up to his title the “despoiler” in this war!

The Armoury (89.00)

This week we explore different ways of representing space battles into your 40k games.

Jim materializes in with a Terminator attack via Killzone, while Chris unleashes his inner reptile using the boarding action rules from the Forgeworld Badab war books.

The Hobby Trenches (104.32)

The guys discuss their hobby plans for 2012, from finishing armies to building terrain it’s all there!

Don’t forget to check out our twitter feed and Facebook Page. Thanks for listening, and don’t forget – Strike Fast, Play Hard!